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Bangor Escape Rooms

Coworkers- After playing one of our games, your team will never work together the same way again. The Escape Game is a great way to build relational equity among coworkers and is a lot safer than trust fall exercises.

Bangor Escape Rooms

Family - Looking for something fun to do with your family?  This is perfect! This is good clean fun and a unique way to interact with your loved ones.


Bangor Escape Rooms

Friends- Are you and your friends looking for a different kind of entertainment. We offer a more unique challenge. Book together and see who is the smartest in your group. Make it a girls/guys night out and test your skills.


Corporate Team Building

Utilize our rooms as a way to strengthen your teams by focusing on team building and communication building exercises. Hiring new employees? Find out immediately how well individuals work in a team environment and how well their problem solving skills are under stress. We provide special services to companies that want to use us as a tool in strengthening their teams within their departments. Please call us for more info on how to take advantage of these special services.

Bangor Escape Rooms is the first live escape game in Bangor.  Your group, comprised of friends, family, colleagues, or strangers are locked in a room together.  Your objective is to solve riddles, uncover clues and crack codes in order to escape in time.  The game is designed to test your problem solving skills with friends or with complete strangers while racing against the clock. Teamwork is key if you want to be free! 60 minutes on the clock, your time starts NOW!
Do you have what it takes?  

Will you make it out in time?

What People Are Saying

"The experience was great. The room was very well put together and full of challenges and surprises. The folks that run the Bangor Escape Rooms are incredibly friendly and easy to work with. I am looking to book another experience later this month. I encourage any one that is looking to build teamwork, loves puzzles, or just want to have fun to book your room now!!" -George W.

"Best room we've done yet! Can't wait to see the rest of them!" -Jessica W.


"Amazing escape room, excellent challenge and extremely friendly staff! Will be back again and again and again!!" -Caity B.


"Great time and experience! Can't wait to do the next room! I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!" -Josh J.

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Bangor Escape Rooms is a locally owned and operated escape/puzzle room in Bangor, ME. The new escape room game that has been sweeping the nation has finally made it’s way to Bangor! You and your team are locked in a room and have one hour to solve puzzles and find clues in order to find the key and escape.


Each of our rooms has an immersive story line as well as different puzzles and challenges. Escape rooms are great for having fun with friends and family as well as strengthening communication skills and teamwork in corporate settings.


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