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Veterinary Record Mix-Up

The local Veterinary office has an in-house cat named Oliver. Oliver is usually a very well-behaved cat that gets a lot of attention from clients that come in for care with their pets. With social distancing guidelines in place, the clients are no longer allowed inside the office and the technicians are greeting the pets’ owners in the parking lot. Oliver has been acting up lately and causing some mischief, we assume he misses interacting with all of the human clients.

You are one of the office assistants and just arrived at work. You go inside and see that Oliver has caused quite the ruckus throughout the night! Oliver somehow managed to make a complete mess of the first three clients’ records. If you do not figure out which files the records belong in quickly it will cause even more chaos as customer appointments will be delayed for the rest of the day!

You need to figure out the pet's name, the animal, and the owner's name as quickly as possible so we can keep our high standard of client satisfaction and so the correct pets get the correct care!

This is what we know from the information you could read:

  1. The cat did not belong to Caleb

  2. The client that owns the dog did not name it Stella

  3. Edward's pet, named Patches, does not fly

  4. Sunny, who is not a dog, is owned by Kayla


Use the grid below to help you get the records back in order. You can print this out if it helps, or take a screen shot and use the mark-up feature on your device. Once the grid is filled out, enter the numbers in the boxes reading them left to right, then top to bottom, for the correct fields. This will give you a 9 digit code to enter to get your key!


Want the answer?

Remember the information you filled out on this chart as you will need it for another puzzle at

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